Pro Mazda Championship: Indianapolis – 14/05/16

O’Ward Continues Season Mastery in Race One at Indianapolis


  1. Pato O’Ward (MEX)
  2. Will Owen (USA)
  3. Jake Parsons (USA)
  4. Garett Grist (CAN)
  5. Nico Jamin (FRA)
  6. Jake Eidson(USA)
  7. Aaron Telitz (USA)
  8. Nicolas Dapero (ARG)
  9. Bobby Eberle (USA)
  10. Bob Kaminsky (USA)
  11. Jay Horak (USA)
  12. Kevin Davis (USA)

Team Pelfrey and O’Ward Secure Clean Sweep at Indianapolis


  1. Pato O’Ward (MEX)
  2. Aaron Telitz (USA)
  3. Will Owen (USA)
  4. Nico Jamin (FRA)
  5. Garett Grist (CAN)
  6. Jake Parsons (USA)
  7. Nicolas Dapero (ARG)
  8. Bobby Eberle (USA)
  9. Kevin Davis (USA)
  10. Bob Kaminsky (USA)
  11. Jake Eidson(USA)
  12. Jay Horak (USA)


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