Pro Mazda Championship: Toronto – 17/07/16

Telitz Victory Sets Up Title Tilt

RACE 1/Round 11

  1. Aaron Telitz/USA
  2. Nico Jamin/FRA
  3. Jake Parsons/AUT
  4. Will Owen/USA
  5. Nicolas Dapero/ARG
  6. TJ Fischer /USA
  7. Bobby Eberle/USA
  8. Jorge Cevallos/MEX

Telitz Doubles Up in Toronto to Tie for Points Lead

RACE 2/Round 12

  1. Aaron Telitz/USA
  2. Pato O’Ward/MEX
  3. Nico Jamin/FRA
  4. Will Owen/USA
  5. Jake Parsons/AUT
  6. TJ Fischer /USA
  7. Jorge Cevallos/MEX
  8. Bobby Eberle/USA
  9. Nicolas Dapero/ARG


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