Euroformula Open: Spa – 28/05/17

Vaidyanathan  takes brilliant maiden win in the series


  1. Ameya Vaidyanathan (IND)
  2. Harrison Scott (GBR)
  3. Devlin DeFrancesco (CAN)
  4. Nikita Troitskiy (RUS)
  5. Tiago Vivacqua (BRA)
  6. Tarun Reddy (IND)
  7. Simo Laaksonen (FIN)
  8. Alex Karkosik (POL)
  9. Petru Florescu (ROM)
  10. Eliseo Martínez (ESP)
  11. Pedro Cardoso  (BRA)
  12. Jannes Fittje (GER)
  13. Daniil Pronenko (RUS)
  14. Christian Hahn (BRA)
  15. Alexey Chuklin (UKR)


Harrison Scott charges to Spa victory


  1. Harrison Scott (GBR)
  2. Devlin DeFrancesco (CAN)
  3. Tiago Vivacqua (BRA)
  4. Ameya Vaidyanathan (IND)
  5. Matheus Iorio (BRA)
  6. Nikita Troitskiy (RUS)
  7. Jannes Fittje (GER)
  8. Petru Florescu (ROM)
  9. Tarun Reddy (IND)
  10. Alex Karkosik (POL)
  11. Daniil Pronenko (RUS)
  12. Christian Hahn (BRA)
  13. Lodovico Laurini (ITA)
  14. Simo Laaksonen (FIN)
  15. Eliseo Martínez (ESP)


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