IMSA Continental Sportscars Challenge: Daytona – 26/01/18

RS1 Porsche Sails to First GS Victory of 2018


  1. Spencer Pumpelly (USA)/Dillon Machavern (USA) – Porsche Cayman GT4 MR
  2. Tyler Cooke (USA)/James Clay (USA) – BMW M4
  3. Scott Maxwell (CAN)/Cole Custer (USA)/Ty Majesk – Ford Mustang
  4. Mike Vess (USA)/Jason Hart (USA)/Toby Grahovec – BMW M4
  5. Bryce Ward (USA)/Indy Dontje(NED) – Mercedes-AMG
  6. Hugh Plumb (USA)/Owen Trinkler (USA) – Mercedes-AMG
  7. Jeff Mosing (USA)/Eric Foss (USA) – Mercedes-AMG
  8. Trent Hindman (USA)/Alan Brynjolfsson (USA) – Ford Mustang
  9. Guy Cosmo (USA)/Owen Trinkler(USA)/Ted Giovanis(USA) – Mercedes-AMG
  10. Joey Atterbury (USA)/Jade Buford (USA)/Jack Roush Jr.(USA) – Ford Mustang
  11. Brett Sandberg (USA)/Martin Barkey(CAN) – Ford Mustang
  12. Stevan McAleer (GBR)/Joe Robillard (USA) – Porsche Cayman GT4 MR
  13. Aaron Povoledo (USA)/David Askew (USA) – Mercedes-AMG
  14. Matt Plumb (USA)/Paul Holton (USA) – McLaren GT4
  15. Alexandre Premat FRA)/Mark Ramsey (USA) – Mercedes-AMG


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