FIA Formula 2: AbuDhabi – 25-26/11/17

  Rowland claims third win of 2017 Fuoco disqualified from Abu Dhabi Race 1   RACE 1 Artem Markelov/RUS Charles Leclerc/MON Luca Ghiotto/ITA Nicky DeVries/NED Nicholas Latifi/CAN Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP Alexander Albon/THA Jordan King/GBR Sergio Sete Camara/BRA Louis Deletraz/SUI Gustav Majla/SWE Alex Palou/ESP Norman Nato/FRA Santino Ferrucci/USA Seal Gelael/MAL FULL RESULTS Leclerc passes Albon on final... Continue Reading →

FIA Formula 2: Monza – 03/09/17

Ghiotto stripped of F2 feature race win at Monza RACE 1 Antonio Fuoco/ITA Nobuharu Matushita/JAP Nicola Lattfi/CAN Luca Ghiotto/ITA Sean Gelael/INO Sergio Sete Camara/BRA Louis Deletraz/SUI Gustav Majla/SWE Artem Markelov/RUS Jordan King/GBR Roberto Mehri/ESP Nabil Jeffri/MAL Norman Nato/FRA Alexander Albon/THA Ralph Boschung/SUI FULL RESULTS Ghiotto fights back to claim sprint win RACE 2 Luca Ghiotto/ITA... Continue Reading →

FIA Formula 2 (GP2): Spa – 26-27/08/17

Leclerc scores crushing win after Rowland clash RACE 1 Charles Leclerc/MON Artem Markelov/RUS Oliver Rowland/GBR Luca Ghiotto/ITA Antonio Fuoco/ITA Gustav Majla/SWE Sergio Sete Camara/BRA Roberto Mehri/ESP Norman Nato/FRA Santino Ferrucci/USA Nabil Jeffri/MAL Alexander Albon/THA Ralph Boschung/SUI Louis Deletraz/SUI Sean Gelael/INO FULL RESULTS Sette Camara wins after huge Matsushita crash RACE 1 Sergio Sete Camara/BRA Nyck... Continue Reading →

Formula 2 (GP2): Spain – 14/05/17

Leclerc scorches to feature victory RACE 1 Charles Leclerc/MON Luca Ghiotto/ITA Oliver Rowland/GBR Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP Alexander Albon/THA Nicolas Latiffi/CAN Gustav Malja/SWE Artem Markelov/RUS Jordan King/GBR Ralph Boshung/GER Nyck de Vries/NED Louis Deletraz/SUI Sergio Sette Camara/BRA Antonio Fuocco/ITA Johnny Ceccoto/VEN FULL RESULTS   Matsushita sprints to victory in Barcelona RACE 2 Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP Oliver Rowland/GBR Nicolas... Continue Reading →

Formula 2: Bahrain – 15-16/04/17

Markelov outduels Nato and Leclerc in season opener RACE 1 Artem Markelov/RUS Norman Nato/FRA Charles Leclerc/MON Jordan King/GBR Oliver Rowland/GBR Alexander Albon/THA Luca Ghiotto/ITA Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP Antonio Fuocco/ITA Nyck de Vries/NED Nicolas Latiffi/CAN Ralph Boshung/GER Sergio Sette Camara/BRA Sergio Canamassas/ESP Johnny Ceccoto/VEN Leclerc fights back after stop for maiden win RACE 2 Charles Leclerc/MON Luca... Continue Reading →

GP2: Yas Marina -25-27/11/16

Gasly soars to Feature Race victory RACE 1 Pierre Gasly/FRA - PREMA Racing N Matsushita/JAP - ART Grand Prix Artem  Markelov/RUS - RUSSIAN TIME Sergey Sirotkin/RUS - ART Grand Prix Antonio Gioviazzi/ITA - PREMA Racing Norman Nato/FRA - Racing Engineering Johnny Cecotto Jr/VEN - Rapax Alex Lynn/GBR - DAMS Nicolas Lattifi/CAN - DAMS Rafaelle Marciello/ITA... Continue Reading →

GP 2: Monza – 02-04/09/16

Giovinazzi wins chaotic Monza Feature Race RACE 1 Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA Rafaelle Marciello/ITA Gustav Malja/SWE Pierre Gasly/FRA Norman Nato/FRA Luca Ghiotto/ITA Jordan King/GBR Mitch Evans/NZL Oliver Rowland/GBR Artem Markelov/RUS Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP Alex Lynn/GBR Nabil Jeffri/MAL Sergey Sirotkin/RUS Joel Eriksson/SWE Nato soars to Sprint Race victory RACE 2 Norman Nato/FRA Pierre Gasly/FRA Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA Jordan King/GBR Alex... Continue Reading →

GP2: Spa – 26-28/08/16

Gasly powers to Feature Race victory RACE 1 Pierre Gasly (FRA) - PREMA Racing Jordan King/GBR - Racing Engineering Alex Lynn/GBR - DAMS Rafaelle Marciello/ITA -RUSSIAN TIME Artem Markelov/RUS - RUSSIAN TIME Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA - PREMA Racing Luca Ghiotto/ITA - Trident Gustav Malja/SWE - Rapax Sergey Sirotkin/RUS -ART Grand Prix Oliver Rowlnad/GBR - MP Motorsport... Continue Reading →

GP2:Hockenheimring – 29-31/07/16

Sirotkin wins dramatic Hockenheim Feature Race   RACE 1 Sergey Sirotkin/RUS Luca Ghiotto/ITA Rafaelle Marciello/ITA Arthur Pic/FRA Oliver Rowland/GBR Gustav Malja/SWE Alex Lynn/GBR Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP Marvin Kirchöffer/GER Nabil Jeffri/MAL Joel Eriksson/SWE Rene Binder/AUS Nicolas Latifi/CAN Jordan King/GBR Lynn flies to Sprint Race victory RACE 2 Alex Lynn/GBR Sergey Sirotkin/RUS Arthur Pic/FRA Luca Ghiotto/ITA... Continue Reading →

GP2: Hungaroring: 22-24th -July

Gasly storms to victory in Budapest   RACE 1: Pierre Gasly (FRA) Antonio Giovinazzi (ITA) Sergey Sirotkin (RUS) Rafaelle  Marciello (ITA) Artur Pic (FRA) Nobbuharu Matshutita (JAP) Norman Nato (FRA) Jordan King (GBR) Artem Martelov (RUS) Mitch Evans (NZL) Oliver Rowland (GBR) Alex Lynn (GBR) Gustav Malja (SWE) Markus Kirchhöffer (GER) Daniel De Jong (NED)... Continue Reading →

GP2:Silverstone – 10/07/16

Gasly glides to maiden win RACE 1 Pierre Gasly/FRA Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA Oliver Rowland/GBR Mitch Evans/NZL Lucca Ghiotto/ITA Nobohuru Matsushita/JAP Norman Nato/FRA Jordan King/GBR Rafaelle Marciello/ITA Artem Markelov/RUS Nicolas Latifi/CAN Marvin Kirchhöfer/MAL Sergio Canamassas/ESP Artur Pic/FRA Joel/Eriksson/SWE King holds on for home Sprint Race win RACE 2 Jordan King/GBR Lucca Ghiotto/ITA Oliver Rowland/GBR Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA Nobohuru... Continue Reading →

GP2:Spielberg -03/07/16

Evans on top in rainstruck Spielberg feature race RACE 1 Mitch Evans (NZL) Sean Gelael (MAL) Rafaelle Marciello (ITA) Luca Ghiotto (ITA) Joel Eriksson (SWE) Oliver Rowland (GBR) Norman Nato (FRA) Jordan King (GBR) Arthur Pic (FRA) Nicolas Latiffi (CAN) Alex Lynn (GBR) Sergey Sirotkin (RUS) Gustav Malja (SWE) Daniel de Jong (NED) P. Armand... Continue Reading →

GP2:Baku – 19/06/16

Giovinazzi doubles up in Baku Race 1 Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA Sergey Sirotkin/RUS Rafaelle Marciello/ITA Oliver Rowland/GBR Mitch Evans/NZL Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP Sean Gelael/MAL Daniel De Jong/NED Lucca Ghiotto/ITA Gustav Malja/SWE Joel Eriksson/SWE Jordan King/GBR Norman Nato/FRA Nabil Jeffri/MAL Artur Pic/FRA Race 2 Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA Pierre Gasly/FRA Sergey Sirotkin/RUS Jordan King/GBR Artem Markelov/RUS Sergio Canamasas/ESP Nabil Jeffri/MAL Artur... Continue Reading →

GP2:Monaco -28/05/16

Artem Markelov soars to maiden win RACE 1 Artem Markelov/RUS Norman Nato/FRA Oliver Rowland/GBR Alex Lynn/GBR Mitch Evans/NZL Rafaelle Marciello/ITA Marvin Kirchöffer/GER Nobuharu Matsuhita/JAP Daniel De Jong/NED Arthur Pic/FRA Antonio Giovinazzi/ITA Sergio Canamassas/ESP Sean Gelael/MAL Gustav Malja/SWE Pierre Gasly/FRA Matsushita powers to victory in Monaco RACE 2 Nobuharu Matsuhita/JAP Marvin Kirchöffer/GER Rafaelle Marciello/ITA Mitch Evans/NZL... Continue Reading →

GP2 : Barcelona – 14-15/05/16

  Nato blasts to maiden win   Pos Driver Team Laps Gap 1 Norman Nato/FRA Racing Engineering 33 58m51.044s 2 Nicholas Latifi/CAN DAMS 33 1.337s 3 Pierre Gasly/FRA Prema Racing 33 4.248s 4 Artem Markelov/RUS RUSSIAN TIME 33 5.145s 5 Sergio Canamasas/ESP Carlin 33 7.294s 6 Alex Lynn/GBR DAMS 33 7.596s 7 Jordan King/GBR Racing... Continue Reading →

GP2: Abu Dhabi – 28-29/11/15

Vandoorne blazes to victory Sprint race cancelled due to barrier damage   RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (169) Rafaelle Marciello/ITA (144) Mitch Evans/NZL (127) Alexander Rossi/USA (110) Pierre Gasly/FRA (101) Jordan King/GBR (85) Rio Haryanto/INO (68) Alex Lynn/GBR (51) Andre Negrão/BRA (34) Nathanael Berthon/FRA (25) Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP (17) Sergio Canamasas/ESP (8) Sergey Sirotkin/RUS... Continue Reading →

GP2: Sochi – 10-11/10/15

Vandoorne crowned GP2 champion with Pirelli in Russia RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Alexander Rossi/USA (81,5) Pierre Gasly/FRA (69) Stoffell van Doorne/BEL (61) Sergey Sirotkin/RUS (53) Rio Haryanto/INO (49) Rafaelle Marciello/ITA (40,5) Ritchie Stanway/NZL (32,5) Artur Pic/FRA (24,5) Dean Stoneman/GBR (16,5) Nobuharu Matsuchita/JAP (12) Mitch Evans/NZL (8) Norman Nato/FRA (4) Johnny Cecotto/VEN (3,5) Nathanael Berthon/FRA (2,5)... Continue Reading →

GP2: Monza – 06/09/15

Rossi flies to victory in Monza RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Alexander Rossi/USA (81,5) Stoffell van Doorne/BEL (69) Mitch Evans/NZL (61) Ritchie Stanway/NZL (53) Artem Markelov/RUS (49) Norman Nato/FRA (40,5) Artur Pic/FRA (32,5) Jordan King/GBR (24,5) Robert Visoiu/ROM (16,5) Renè Binder/AUT (12) Sergio Canamassas/ESP (8) Julian Leal/COL (4) Rio Haryanto/INO (3,5) André Negrão/BRA (2,5) Rafaelle Marciello/ITA... Continue Reading →

GP2: Spa – 23/08/2015

Vandoorne scorches to home victory RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (81,5) Artur Pic/FRA (69) Artem Markelov/RUS (61) Julian Leal/COL (53) Mitch Evans/NZL (49) Alexander Rossi/USA (40,5) Nathanael Berthon/FRA (32,5) Jordan King/GBR (24,5) Sergey Sirotkin/RUS (16,5) Gustav Majja/SWE (12) Alex Lynn/GBR (8) Sergio Canamassas/ESP (4) Rio Haryanto/INO (3,5) Raffaele Marciello/ITA (2,5) Robert Visoiu/ROM (1,5)... Continue Reading →

GP2: Hungaroring – 25-26/07/15

Lynn scorches to Budapest victory RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Alex Lynn/GBR (81,5) Pierre Gasly/FRA (69) Sergey Sirotkin/RUS (61) Rio Haryanto/INO (53) Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (49) Jordan King/GBR (40,5) Raffaelle Marciello/ITA (32,5) Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP (24,5) Robert Visoiu/ROM (16,5) Daniel de Jong/NED (12) Norman Nato/FRA (8) Alexander Rossi/USA (4) Artur Pic/FRA (3,5) Nathanael Berthon/FRA (2,5) Nicholas Lattifi/CAN... Continue Reading →

GP2 Silverstone: 04-05/07/15

Sirotkin storms to Silverstone victory RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Sergey Sirotkin/RUS (81,5) Alexander Rossi/USA (69) Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (61) Pierre Gasly/FRA (53) Alex Lynn/GBR (49) Rafaelle Marciello/ITA (40,5) Nick Yelloly/GBR (32,5) Rio Haryanto/INO (24,5) Julian Leal/COL (16,5) Oliver Rowland/GBR (12) Daniel de Jong/NED (8) Robert Visoiu/ROM (4) Johnny Cecotto/VEN (3,5) Artur Pic/FRA (2,5) Sergio Canamassas/ESP... Continue Reading →

GP2: Spielberg – 20-21/06/15

Vandoorne dominates in Austria RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (81,5) Sergey Sirotkin/RUS (69) Alex Lynn/GBR (61) Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP (53) Arten Markelov/RUS (49) Alexander Rossi/USA (40,5) Rio Haryanto/INO (32,5) Nick Yelloly/GBR (24,5) Artur Pic/FRA (16,5) Mitch Evans/NZL (12) Robert Visoiu/ROM (8) Jordan King/GBR (4) Pierre Gasly/FRA (3,5) Julian Leal/COL (2,5) Rafaelle Marciello/ITA (1,5) Haryanto... Continue Reading →

GP2: Monaco – 24/05/15

Vandoorne soars to Monaco victory RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (81,5) Alexander Rossi/USA (69) Sergio Canamassas/ESP (61) Artur Pic/FRA (53) Sergey Sirotkin/RUS (49) Julian Leal/COL (40,5) Ritchie Stanaway/NZL (32,5) Rafaelle Marciello/ITA (24,5) Jordan King/GBR (16,5) Nick Yelloly/GBR (12) Rene Binder/AUT (8) Daniel deJong/NED (4) Alex Lynn/GBR (3,5) Pierre Gasly/FRA (2,5) Robert Visoiu/ROM (1,5)... Continue Reading →

GP2: Spain – 09-10/05/15

Vandoorne holds on to Feature win RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (81,5) Mitch Evans/NZL (69) Alexander Rossi/USA (61) Rio Haryanto/INO (53) Alex Lynn/GBR (49) Rafaelle Marciello/ITA (40,5) Pierre Gasly/FRA (32,5) Norman Nato/FRA (24,5) Artur Pic/FRA (16,5) Ritchie Stanaway/NZL (12) Nobuharu Matsushita/JAP (8) Arten Markelov/RUS (4) Sergio Canamassas/ESP (3,5) Jordan King/GBR (2,5) Daniel de... Continue Reading →

GP2: Bahrain -18-19/04/15

McLaren F1 junior Stoffel Vandoorne wins race one RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Pos Driver COUNTRY Points 1 Stoffel Vandoorne BEL   81,5 2 Rio Haryanto INO   69 3 Alexander Rossi USA   61 4 Jordan King GBR   53 5 Robert Visoiu ROM   49 6 Mitchell Evans NZL   40,5 7 Nathanael Berthon... Continue Reading →

GP2: Abu-Dhabi – 23/11/14

Vandoorne dominates in Yas Marina RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (81,5) Jolyon Palmer/GBR (69) Mitch Evans/NZL (61) Felipe Nasr/BRA (53) Stephane Richelmi/MON (49) Johnny Cecotto/VEN (40,5) Stefano Coletti/MON (32,5) Arthur Pic/FRA (24,5) Rio Haryanto/INO (16,5) Daniel de Jong/NED (12) Rafaelle Marciello/ITA (8) Julian Leal/COL (4) Takuya Izawa/JAP (3,5) Kimiya Sato/JAP (2,5) Nathanael Berthon/FRA... Continue Reading →

GP2: Sochi – Race 2 – 12/10/14

Marco Sorensen sprints to maiden GP2 win RESULTS/(#) Ranking points Marco Sorensen/DEN (81,5) Stoffel van Doorne/BEL (69) Felipe Nasr/BRA (61) Mitch Evans/NZL (53) Artur Pic/FRA (49) Alexandre Negrão/BRA (40,5) Kimyia Sato/JAP (32,5) Stefano Coletti/MON (24,5) Nathanael Berthon/FRA (16,5) Jolyon Palmer/GBR (12) Pierre Gasly/FRA (8) Artem Marmelov/RUS (4) Daniel Abt/GER (3,5) Tio Ellinas/CHY (2,5) Rio Haryanto/INO... Continue Reading →

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