Indy Pro 2000: Laguna Seca – 21-22/10/19

KIRKWOOD ON THE CUSP OF CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE WITH LAGUNA WIN RACE 1 Kyle Kirkwood (USA) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Rasmus Lindh (SWE) Parker Thompson (CAN) Artem Petrov (RUS) Danial Frost (SIN) Jacob Abel (USA) Phillippe Denes (USA) Nikita Lastochkin (RUS) Antonio Serravalle (CAN) LINDH TAKES CONSOLATION WIN AS KIRKWOOD CAPTURES THE TITLE RACE 2 Rasmus... Continue Reading →

Indy Pro 2000: Portland – 31/8-01/09/19

KIRKWOOD GRASPS THE POINTS LEAD WITH PORTLAND WIN RACE 1 Kyle Kirkwood  (USA) Danial Frost  (SIN) Parker Thompson (CAN) Antonio Serravalle (CAN) Rasmus Lindh  (SWE) Nikita Lastochkin (RUS) Jacob Abel  (USA) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Moises de la Vara (MEX) Artem Petrov (RUS) KIRKWOOD WIN CAPS PERFECT PORTLAND WEEKEND RACE 2 Kyle Kirkwood  (USA) Sting... Continue Reading →

Indy Pro 2000: Road America – 22-23/06/19

KIRKWOOD REMAINS PERFECT AT ROAD AMERICA RACE 1 Kyle Kirkwood (USA) Ian Rodriguez  (GUA) Parker Thompson (CAN) Rasmus Lindh (SWE) Nikita Lastochkin (RUS) Phillippe Denes (USA) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Jacob Loomis  (USA) Kory Enders  (USA) Moises de la Vara (MEX) KIRKWOOD SCORES DOUBLE TO REMAIN PERFECT AT ROAD AMERICA RACE 2 Kyle Kirkwood (USA)... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda Series: Portland – 01-02/09/18

RACE 1 Oliver Askew (USA) Rinus VeeKay (NED) Parker Thompson (CAN) David Malukas (USA) Robert Meggenis (USA) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Nikita Latochkin (RUS) Moises de La Vara (MEX) RACE 2 David Malukas (USA) Rinus VeeKay (NED) Oliver Askew (USA) Nikita Latochkin (RUS) Parker Thompson (CAN) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Robert Meggenis (USA) Moises de... Continue Reading →

ProMazda: Gateway – 25/08/18

VEEKAY CLOSES ON TITLE WITH DOMINANT GATEWAY OVAL WIN RESULTS Rinus VeeKay (NED) Robert Megennis  (USA) Harrison Scott  (GBR) Moises de la Vara (MEX) Oliver Askew (USA) Parker Thompson  (CAN) Mathias Soler-Obel  (COL) David Malukas (USA) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Charles Finelli (USA) FULL RESULTS

Pro Mazda: Mid-Ohio – 28-29/07/18

VeeKay Retakes Championship Lead with Dominant Weekend at Mid-Ohio RACE 1 Rinus VeeKay (NED) David Malukas (USA) Robert Megennis (USA) Carlos Cunha (BRA) Parker Thompson (CAN) Oliver Askew (USA) Felipe Drugovich (BRA) Mathias Soler-Obel (COL) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Kris Wright (RUS) Nikita Lastochkin (RUS) Andres Gutierrez (MEX) RACE 2 Rinus VeeKay (NED) Robert Megennis... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda : Toronto – 15/07/18

VeeKay Untroubled During Chaotic Race One in Toronto RACE 1 Rinus VeeKay (NED) Carlos Cunha (BRA) Raul Guzman (MEX) Oliver Askew (USA) Nikita Lastochkin (RUS) Charles Finelli (USA) Kris Wright (RUS) Parker Thompson (CAN) David Malukas (USA) Andres Gutierrez (MEX) VeeKay Sweeps Toronto to Move Within Seven Points of the Title Lead RACE 2 Rinus... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda: Road America – 22-23/06/18

Malukas and BN Racing Dominate Road America Race One RACE 1 David Malukas (USA) Toby Sowery (GBR) Harrison Scott (GBR) Parker Thompson (CAN) Rinus VeeKay (NED) Carlos Cunha (BRA) Raul Guzman (MEX) Robert Megennis (USA) Oliver Askew (USA) Andres Gutierrez (MEX) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Nikita Lastochkin (RUS) Malukas and BN Racing Double Down at... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda: Lucas Oil Raceway – 24-25/05/18

Thompson Extends Points Lead with Well-Judged LOR Victory Results Parker Thompson/CAN Carlos Cunha/BRA Robert Megennis/USA Rinus VeeKay/NED Sting Ray Robb/USA Oliver Askew/USA Lodovico Laurini/ITA Antonio Serravalle/CAN Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Charles Finelli/USA FULL RESULTS

Pro Mazda: Indianapolis – 12/05/18

Scott Battles to Second Straight Win for RP Motorsport RACE 1 Harrison Scott/GBR Oliver Askew/USA Rinus VeeKay/NED Carlos Cunha/BRA Parker Thompson/CAN Nikita Lastochkin/RUS David Malukas/USA Lodovico Laurini/ITA Antonio Serravall/CAN Kris Wright/RUS Thompson Claims Emotional Pro Mazda Win at Indianapolis RACE 2 Parker Thompson/CAN Carlos Cunha/BRA Sting Ray Robb/USA Oliver Askew/USA Andres Gutierrez/MEX Kris Wright/RUS Charles... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda: Barber – 21-22/04/18

Thompson Dominates in First Pro Mazda Win for Exclusive Autosport RACE 1 Parker Thompson (CAN) Harrison Scott (GBR) David Malukas (USA) Andres Gutierrez (MEX) Rinus VeeKay (NED) Rafael Martins (BRA) Oliver Askew (USA) Kory Enders (USA) Sting Ray Robb (USA) Carlos Cunha (BRA) FULL RESULTS Englishman Scott Relishes Damp Conditions to Claim the Win RACE... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda : St. Petersburg – 10-11/03/18

Dutchman VeeKay Comes From Behind to Claim Pro Mazda Victory RACE 1 Rinus VeeKay (NED) Parker Thompson (CAN) Robert Megennis (USA) Carlos Cunha (BRA) Oliver Askew (USA) Sting Ray Robb (USA) David Malukas (USA) Nikita Lastochkin (RUS) Harrison Scott (GBR) Lodovico Laurini (ITA) Antonio Serravalle (CAN) Kris Wright (RUS) Charles Finelli (USA) Andres Gutierrez (MEX)... Continue Reading →

Champions 2017: Pro Mazda

  Victor Franzoni #23 Rotary Systems/Novac Sports Birthdate: October 5, 1995 Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil Residence: Sao Paulo, Brazil Website: Twitter: @victorfranzoni Facebook: Victor Franzoni Instagram: victorfranzoni Team Website: Sponsors:   Novac Sports, XYZ Talents, E-QUAL  

Pro Mazda: Watkins Glen – 02-03/09/17

Advantage Franzoni at Watkins Glen After Sixth Victory RACE 1 Victor Franzoni/BRA Anthony Martin/AUT Carlos Cunha/BRA Sting Ray Robb/USA Kris Wright/RUS Matt Machiko/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Brendan Puderbach/USA Charles Finelli/USA TJ Fischer/USA Jeff Green/USA Robert Megennis/USA Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Franzoni’s Victory Seals the Title at a Soggy Watkins Glen RACE 2 Victor Franzoni/BRA Carlos Cunha/BRA Anthony Martin/AUT... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda: Gateway – 26/08/17

Franzoni Reclaims Points Lead with Gateway Win RACE 1 Victor Franzoni/BRA Anthony Martin/AUT Carlos Cunha/BRA TJ Fischer/USA Jeff Green/USA Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Sting Ray Robb/USA Brendan Puderbach/USA Bobby Eberle/USA FULL RESULTS

Pro Mazda: MidOhio – 29-30/06/17

Martin Tightens Title Rivalry by Winning at Mid-Ohio RACE 1 Anthony Martin/AUT Victor Franzoni/BRA TJ Fischer/USA Carlos Cunha/BRA Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Max Hanratty/USA Kris Wright/USA Bob Kaminsky/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Sting Ray Robb/USA Dave Zavelson/USA Kevin Bury/USA Jeff Green/USA Brendan Puderbach/USA Franzoni Edges Martin at Mid-Ohio To Extend Points Lead RACE 2 Victor Franzoni/BRA Anthony Martin/AUT Carlos... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda Championship: Road America – 23-24/06/17

Franzoni and Juncos Racing Dominate Pro Mazda GP of Road America RACE 1 Victor Franzoni/BRA Anthony Martin/AUT Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Sting Ray Robb/USA Max Hanratty/USA Jeff Green/USA Bob Kaminsky/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Carlos Cunha/BRA Brendan Puderbach/USA Dave Zavelson/USA Charles Finelli/USA Kris Wright/USA Kevin Bury/USA TJ Fischer/USA Martin Out-Duels Franzoni to Win Thriller at Road America RACE 2... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda Championship: Indianapolis – 12-13/05/17

Mazda: Franzoni stumbles, then scores first win RACE 1 Victor Franzoni/BRA Anthony Martin/AUT TJ Fischer/USA Carlos Cunha/BRA Phillippe Denes/USA Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Sting Ray Robb/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Bob Kaminsky/USA Jeff Green/USA Matt Machiko/USA Kevin Davis/USA Steven Ford/USA Charles Finelli/USA Brendan Puderbach/USA Franzoni leads start to finish in Race 2 RACE 2 Victor Franzoni/BRA TJ Fischer/USA Carlos... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda: St. Petersburg – Race 2 – 12/03/17

Martin scores second win Round 2 Anthony Martin/AUT Victor Franzoni/BRA TJ Fischer/USA Sting Ray Robb/USA Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Max Hanratty/USA Phillippe Denes/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Jeff Green/USA Charles Finelli/USA Kevin Davis/USA Carlos Cunha/BRA Matt Machiko/USA Brendan Puderbach/USA FULL RESULTS FULL STANDINGS: (1) Anthony Martin 33 (2) Victor Franzoni 25 (3) TJ Fisher 22 (4) Carlos Cunha 19... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda: St.Petersburg – 11/03/17

Martin holds off Franzoni for victory Round 1 Anthony Martin/AUT Victor Franzoni/BRA TJ Fischer/USA Carlos Cunha/BRA Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Phillippe Denes/USA Sting Ray Robb/USA Max Hanratty/USA Matt Machiko/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Kevin Davis/USA Brendan Puderbach/USA Jeff Green/USA Charles Finelli/USA FULL RESULTS

Formula Pro Mazda: Laguna Seca 09-10/09/16

Round 14/Race 1 Pato O'Ward/MEX Aaron Telitz/USA Nicolas Dapero/ARG Nico Jamin/FRA Jake Parsons/USA TJ Fischer/USA Bobby Eberle/CAN Moises de la Vara/MEX Dan Swanbeck/USA Joseph Burton-Harris/AUT Will Owen/USA Kory Enders/USA Round 15/Race 2 Nicolas Dapero/ARG Will Owen/USA Nico Jamin/FRA Joseph Burton-Harris/AUT Aaron Telitz/USA Moises de la Vara/MEX Dan Swanbeck/USA Kory Enders/USA Bobby Eberle/CAN Pato O'Ward/MEX TJ... Continue Reading →

Formula Pro Mazda: Mid Ohio 29-30/07/16

Round 12/Race 1 Nico Jamin/FRA Aaron Telitz/USA Will Owen/USA Jake Parsons/USA Nicolas Dapero/ARG TJ Fischer/USA Pato O’Ward/MEX Bobby Eberle/USA Bob Kaminsky/USA Round 13/Race 2 Nico Jamin/FRA Will Owen/USA Aaron Telitz/USA Pato O’Ward/MEX TJ Fischer/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Jake Parsons/USA Nicolas Dapero/ARG Bob Kaminsky/USA FULL RESULTS

Pro Mazda Championship: Toronto – 17/07/16

Telitz Victory Sets Up Title Tilt RACE 1/Round 11 Aaron Telitz/USA Nico Jamin/FRA Jake Parsons/AUT Will Owen/USA Nicolas Dapero/ARG TJ Fischer /USA Bobby Eberle/USA Jorge Cevallos/MEX Telitz Doubles Up in Toronto to Tie for Points Lead RACE 2/Round 12 Aaron Telitz/USA Pato O'Ward/MEX Nico Jamin/FRA Will Owen/USA Jake Parsons/AUT TJ Fischer /USA Jorge Cevallos/MEX Bobby... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda Championship: Road America – 25/06/16

Telitz Doubles Up for Team Pelfrey in Home-State Romp RACE 1 (Round 8) Aaron Telitz/USA Nicolas Dapero/ARG Will Owen/USA Pato O'Ward/MEX TJ Fischer/USA Jake Parsons/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Bob Kaminsky/USA Kevin Davis/USA Nico Jamin/FRA RACE 2 Aaron Telitz/USA Nico Jamin/FRA Will Owen/USA Pato O'Ward/MEX Nicolas Dapero/ARG TJ Fischer/USA Bobby Eberle/USA Kevin Davis/USA Jake Parsons/USA Bob Kaminsky/USA... Continue Reading →

Pro Mazda Championship: Indianapolis – 14/05/16

O’Ward Continues Season Mastery in Race One at Indianapolis RACE 1 Pato O'Ward (MEX) Will Owen (USA) Jake Parsons (USA) Garett Grist (CAN) Nico Jamin (FRA) Jake Eidson(USA) Aaron Telitz (USA) Nicolas Dapero (ARG) Bobby Eberle (USA) Bob Kaminsky (USA) Jay Horak (USA) Kevin Davis (USA) Team Pelfrey and O’Ward Secure Clean Sweep at Indianapolis... Continue Reading →

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