TRS New Zealand : Taupo- 02-03/02/19

Liam Lawson leads from lights to flag in Taupo RACE 1 Liam Lawson (NZL) Lucas Auer (AUS) Marcus Armstrong (NZL) Artem Petrov (RUS) Raoul Hyman (AFS) Cameron Das (USA) Jackson Walls (AUT) Esteban Muth (BEL) Calan Williams (AUT) Kazuto Kotaka (JAP) FULL RESULTS Auer takes timely win in Taupo RACE 2 Lucas Auer (AUS) Liam... Continue Reading →

TRS New Zealand: Teretonga – 19/01/19

Armstrong wins a thriller CASTROL TOYOTA RACING SERIES STATEMENT ROUND 2: RACE 1 Marcus Armstrong/NZL Liam Lawson/NZL Artem Petrov/RUS Cameron Das/USA Lucas Auer/AUS Kazuto Kotaka/JAP Calan Williams (AUT) Brendon Leitch/NZL Esteban Muth/GER Dev Gore/USA Raoul Hyman/RSA Petr Ptacek/CZE FULL RESULTS FULL STANDINGS: (1) Liam Lawson 113 (2) Marcus Armstrong 113 (3) Raoul Hyman 79 (4)... Continue Reading →

TRS New Zealand: Highlands 12-13/01/19

Awesome Lawson opens Castrol TRS account with dominant win RACE 1 Liam Lawson (NZL) Marcus Armstrong (NZL) Lucas Auer (AUS) Raoul Hyman (RSA) Brendon Leitch (NZL) Esteban Muth (BEL) Petr Ptacek (CZE) Kazuto Kotaka (JAP) Cameron Das (USA) Artem Petrov (RUS) FULL RESULTS Leitch rewarded with win after Muth penalised RACE 2 Brendon Leitch (NZL)... Continue Reading →

TRS – Toyota Racing Series (NZL) : Manfeild: 12-13/02/18

VERSCHOOR CLOSES THE GAP VERSCHOOR'S RACE, SHWARTZMAN'S TITLE RACE 1 Richard Verschoor/NED Robert Shwartzman/RUS Clement Novalak/GBR Brendon Leitch/AUT Marcus Armstrong/NZL Juan Manuel Correa/ECU Ryan Yardley/NZL James Pull/GBR Reid Harker/NZL Taylor Cockerton/NZL Cameron Das/USA Charles Milesi/FRA FULL RESULTS RACE 2 Brendon Leitch/AUT Clement Novalak/GBR Richard Verschoor/NED Robert Shwartzman/RUS Marcus Armstrong/NZL Juan Manuel Correa/ECU Cameron Das/USA James... Continue Reading →

TRS NZL: Taupo – 03-04/02/18

JUAN-MANUEL CORREA TAKES SECOND WIN IN TOYOTA RACING SERIES SHWARTZMAN ELATED TO WIN HULME TROPHY RACE 1 Juan Manuel Correa/ECU James Pull/GBR Richard Verschoor/NED Robert Shwartzman/RUS Marcus Armstrong/NZL Reid Harker/NZL Ryan Yardley/NZL Brendon Leitch/NZL Taylor Cockerton/NZL Clement Novalak/GBR Charles Milesi/FRA Cameron Das/USA FULL RESULTS RACE 2 Brendon Leitch/NZL Ryan Yardley/NZL Richard Verschoor/NED Marcus Armstrong/NZL Robert... Continue Reading →

TRS NZL: Hampton Downs – 27-28/01/18

VERSCHOOR WINS IN A HAMPTON DOWNS HEAT HAZE VERSCHOOR DOMINATES MOTOR CUP   RACE 1 Richard Verschoor/NED Marcus Armstrong/NZL Juan Manuel Correa/ECU Robert Shwartzman/RUS Clement Novalak/GBR Reid Harker/NZL James Pull/GBR Taylor Cockerton/NZL Brendon Leitch/AUT Charles Milesi/FRA Cameron Das/USA Calvin Ming/GUY Ryan Yardley/NZL FULL RESULTS RACE 2 Clement Novalak/GBR Robert Shwartzman/RUS Marcus Armstrong/NZL Juan Manuel Correa/ECU... Continue Reading →

TRS: Teretonga – 20-21/01/18

VERSCHOOR WINS TERETONGA OPENING RACE NOVALAK UPSETS FAVOURITES AT TERETONGA RACE 1 Richard Verschoor/NED Robert Shwartzman/RUS Marcus Armstrong/NZL Clement Novalak/GBR James Pull/GBR Juan Manuel Correa/ECU Brendon Leitch/AUT Reid Harker/NZL Cameron Das/USA Calvin Ming/GUY Taylor Cockerton/NZL Ryan Yardley/NZL Charles Milesi/FRA FULL RESULTS RACE 2 Juan Manuel Correa/ECU James Pull/GBR Marcus Armstrong/NZL Robert Shwartzman/RUS Clement Novalak/GBR Richard... Continue Reading →

TRS (NZL): Ruapuna 10-14 Jan 2018

Richard Verschoor is first race winner RACE 1 Richard Verschoor/NED Robert Shwartzman/RUS Marcus Armstrong/NZL Clement Novalak/GBR James Pull/GBR Taylor Cockerton/NZL Calvin Ming/GUY Reid Harker/NZL Charles Milesi/FRA Juan Manuel Correa/USA Ryan Yardley/NZL Cameron Das/USA Brendon Leitch/AUT FULL RESULTS RACE 2 Marcus Armstrong/NZL Richard Verschoor/NED Robert Shwartzman/RUS Taylor Cockerton/NZL Calvin Ming/GUY Juan Manuel Correa/USA Charles Milesi/FRA Reid... Continue Reading →

TRS (New Zealand): Manfeild – 11/02/17

Thomas Randle wins 2017 Castrol Toyota Racing Series RACE 2 Richard Vershoor/NED Marcus Armstrong/NZL Pedro Piquet/BRA Thomas Randle/AUT Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS Taylor Cockerton/NZL Jehan Daruvala/IND Brendon Leitch/NZL Luis Leeds/AUT Jean Baptiste Simmenaud/FRA Ameya Vaidyanathan/IND Keyvan Andres/USA Shelby Blackstock/USA Nikita Lastochkin/RUS Christian Hahn/BRA FULL RESULTS RACE 3 Jehan Daruvala/IND Marcus Armstrong/NZL Thomas Randle/AUT Pedro Piquet/BRA Richard Vershoor/NED... Continue Reading →

TRS (New Zealand): Manfeild – 11/02/17

Piquet wins as Leitch caught up in crash RACE 1 Pedro Piquet/BRA Jehan Daruvala/IND Marcus Armstrong/NZL Richard Vershoor/NED Thomas Randle/AUT Enaam Ahmed/GBR Taylor Cockerton/NZL Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS Luis Leeds/AUT Shelby Blackstock/USA Christian Hahn/BRA Kory Enders/USA Kami Laliberte/CAN Ameya Vaidyanathan/IND Jean Baptiste Simmenaud/FRA FULL RESULTS Series points: 1, Randle, 741; 2, Piquet, 736; 3, Verschoor, 719 4,... Continue Reading →

TRS (New Zealand) : Taupo 4-5 Feb 2017

Leitch takes dominant win in Toyota Racing Series at Taupo RACE 1 Brendon Leitch/NZL Marcus Armstrong/NZL Jehan Daruvala/IND Thomas Randle/AUT Pedro Piquet/BRA Kami Laliberte/CAN Enaam Ahmed/GBR Richard Vershoor/NED Luis Leeds/AUT Keyvan Andres/USA Thomas Neubauer/FRA Ameya Vaidyanathan/IND Harry Hayek/AUT Shelby Blackstock/USA Christian Hahn/BRA FULL RESULTS Pedro Piquet was victorious in the second, reverse-grid Toyota Racing Series... Continue Reading →

TRS New Zealand:Hampton Downs – 28-29/01/17

  Randle delivers on Toyota Racing Series promise at Hampton Downs RACE 1 Marcus Armstrong/NZL Pedro Piquet/BRA Thomas Randle/AUT Richard Vershoor/NED Enaam Ahmaed/GBR Ameya Vaidyanathan/IND Kami Laliberte/CAN Taylor Cockerton/NZL Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS Keyvan Andres/USA Shelby Blackstock/USA Brendon Leitch/NZL Luis Leeds/AUT Jehan Daruvala/IND Harry Hayek/AUT FULL RESULTS RACE 2 Enaam Ahmaed/GBR Richard Vershoor/NED Pedro Piquet/BRA Marcus Armstrong/NZL... Continue Reading →

TRS (New Zealand):Teretonga – 21-22/01/17

Rain master Verschoor victorious at Teretonga Toyota Racing Series RACE 1 Richard Vershoor/NED Brendon Leitch/NZL Pedro Piquet/BRA Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS Enaam Ahmaed/GBR Taylor Cockerton/NZL Thomas Randle/AUT Christian Hahn/BRA Jehan Daruvala/IND Keyvan Andres/USA Marcus Armstrong/NZL Kami Laliberte/CAN Harry Hayek/AUT Shelby Blackstock/USA Ameya Vaidyanathan/IND FULL RESULTS RACE 2 Pedro Piquet/BRA Richard Vershoor/NED Thomas Randle/AUT Marcus Armstrong/NZL Taylor Cockerton/NZL... Continue Reading →

TRS:Ruapuna Park – 14/01/17

Armstrong wins Toyota Racing Series opener RACE 1 Marcus Armstrong/NZL Jehan Daruvala/IND Richard Vershoor/NED Thomas Randle/AUT Taylor Cockerton/NZL Pedro Piquet/BRA Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS Enaan Ahmed/GBR Brendon Leitch/NZL Kami Lalibert/CAN Shelby Blackstock/USA Keyvan Andres/USA Ameya Vaidyanathan/IND Harry Hayek/AUT Luis Leeds/AUT FULL RESULTS  

Toyota Racing Series 2016 (New Zealand) – Full Results

    The Toyota Racing Series is New Zealand's premier "open-wheeler" motorsport category. The Series includes races for every major trophy in New Zealand circuit racing including the New Zealand Motor Cup and the Denny Hulme Memorial Trophy. The cars are also the category for the New Zealand Grand Prix – one of only two races in the world with FIA approval to... Continue Reading →

Champions 2015: Toyota Racing Series

Lance Stroll Country of origin: Canada Date of birth: 29 October 1998 Team: M2 Competition Lance Stroll arrives in New Zealand supported by the respected Prema team and with the Ferrari Driver Academy taking a close interest in his development. He won the 2014 Italian F4 Series with 10 wins from 17 races, 14 podiums and... Continue Reading →

Toyota Racing Series: Manfeild 12-15/02/2015

Brandon Maisano dominant in first TRS race of NZ Grand Prix weekend RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Brandon Maisano/FRA (30,3) Arjun Maini/IND (25,8) Sam MacLeod/GBR (22,8) Callum Ilott/GBR (19,8) Santino Ferrucci/USA (18,3) Lance Stroll/CAN (15,3) Artem Markelov/RUS (12) Sergio Sette Camara/BRA (9) James Munro/NZL (6) Stefan Riener/AUS (4,5) Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS (3) Damon Leitch/NZL (1,5) Brendon Leitch/NZL... Continue Reading →

Toyota Racing Series: Taupo – 08/02/15

RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Sam McLeod/GBR (30,3) Santino Ferrucci/USA (25,8) Lance Stroll/CAN (22,8) Thomas Randle/AUT (19,8) Sergio Sette Camara/BRA (18,3) Brandon Maisano/FRA (15,3) James Munro/NZL (12) Damon Leitch/NZL (9) Stefan Riener/AUS (6) Alfonso Celis Jr/MEX (4,5) Mathias Kristensen/DEN (3) Arjun Maini/IND (1,5) Nikita Mazepin/RUS (1,3) Artem Markelov/RUS (1) Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS (0,5) FULL RESULTS RACE 2/(#)... Continue Reading →

Toyota Racing Series: Hampton Downs Motorsport Park – 01/02/15

Maini fights off Macleod to win first TRS race RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Arjun Maini/IND (40,3) Brandon Maisano/FRA (34,3) Santino Ferrucci/USA (30,3) Callum Llot/GBR (26,3) Damon Leitch/NZL (24,3) James Munro/NZL (20,3) Artem Markelov/RUS (16) John Symonian/ARM (12) Mathias Kristensen/DEN (8) Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS (6) Nikita Mazepin/RUS (4) Charlie Eastwood/IRL (2) Stefan Riener/AUS (1,7) Jamie Conroy/NZL (1,3)... Continue Reading →

TRS New Zealand: Teretonga Park – 25/01/15

RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Lance Stroll/CAN (40,3) James Munro/NZL (34,3) Stefan Riener/AUS (30,3) Brendon Leitch/NZL (26,3) Artem Markelov/RUS (24,3) Jamie Conroy/NZL (20,3) Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS (16) Damon Leitch/NZL (12) Arjun Maini/IND (8) Mathias Kristensen/DEN (6) Thomas Randle/AUT (4) Brandon Maisano/FRA (2) Nikita Mazepin/RUS (1,7) Charlie Eastwood/IRL (1,3) Callum Ilott/GBR (1) FULL RESULTS RACE 2/(#) Ranking points... Continue Reading →

Toyota Racing Series Championship (New Zealand): Ruapuna Park 14-18/01/2015

   CANADIAN DRIVER STROLL TAKES FIRST POINTS IN 2015 RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Lance Stroll/CAN (40,3) Arjun Maini/IND (34,3) Thomas Randle/AUT (30,3) Charlie Eastwood/IRL (26,3) Brandon Maisano/FRA (24,3) Ferdinand Habsburg/AUS (20,3) Santino Ferrucci/USA (16) Alfonso Celis Jnr/MEX (12) Mathias Kristensen/DEN (8) Brendon Leitch/NZL (6) Stefan Riener/AUS (4) Jamie Conroy/NZL (2) James Munro/NZL (1,7) Matteo Ferrer/ITA... Continue Reading →

TRS (New Zealand) : Manfeild – 08-09/02/2014

DRAMA ON THE GRID BUT TANG IN CONTROL CASSIDY WINS GRAND PRIX, TANG WINS CHAMPIONSHIP RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Andrew Tang/SIN (40,3) Damon Leitch/NZL (34,3) Ryan Tveter/USA (30,3) Steijn Schothorst/NED (26,3) Levin Amweg/SUI (24,3) Jann Mardenborough/GBR (20,3) Matteo Ferrer/ITA (16) Gustavo Lima/BRA (12) Macauley Jones/AUT (8) Jordan Oon/AUT (6) Michael Scott/KIW (4) Martin Kodric/CRO (2)... Continue Reading →

TRS (New Zealand) : Hampton Downs 01-02/02/14

R1:MARDENBOROUGH ACCELERATES TO CHAMPIONSHIP LEAD R2: SCHOTHORST SIXTH WINNER OF TRS 2014 R3: RUMP’S MOTOR CUP, TANG’S CHAMPIONSHIP LEAD   RACE 1/(#) Ranking points Jann Mardenborough/GBR (40,3) Andrew Tang/SIN (34,3) Egor Orudzhev/RUS (30,3) Steijn Schothorst/NED (26,3) Matt Rao/GBR (24,3) Damon Leitch/NZL (20,3) Robin Hansson/SWE (16) James Munro/NZL (12) Denis Korneev/RUS (8) Matevos Isaakyan/RUS (6) Gustavo... Continue Reading →

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